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... is not only green with us. It is also black or white, sometimes has honeycombs and often many layers. Sometimes it is shimmering metallic and heavy, sometimes light as a feather. For us, sustainability means above all planning for the future and thinking ahead: with long-lasting furniture made of robust materials that can be refitted and yet is easy to transport. Sustainability has many facets for us.


Our team may (still) be small, but it's on its toes. When we're on fire for something, we're really on fire - including glowing telephone wires and flying chips. That's why a project is only finished for us when you go home with a satisfied grin on your face. PS: Personally, we don't like unanswered calls either, so we promise to call you back within the next 24 hours. Word!

Gr√ľnder Philipp Heiberger, Steffen Haberkorn, w√§hrend einer Projektbesprechung


Trust is not only the basis of every good relationship but also means for us: open communication, transparent production processes and respectful interaction with producers, suppliers, employees and customers. Control is good, trust is better.


With the founding of Future Supply in 2021, we fulfilled a long-held dream.

For over a year now, we have been allowed to live this dream. The original idea of creating a future-oriented service in the field of store and display construction has now become so much more. We burn to be able to work every day with a wide variety of customers from incredibly exciting areas.

Future Supply Gr√ľnder, Philipp Heiberger, telefoniert mit Kunden

Philipp Heiberger
Co-Founder & Vizsla Lover

Future Supply Gr√ľnder, Steffen Haberkorn

Steffen Haberkorn
Co-Founder & Family Man


Mitarbeiterin Design & Sales, Alexa Allhorn, halt Magyar Vizsla B√ľro-Hund Carlos im Arm

Design & Sales

Trainee designer:in for visual marketing

Magyar Vizsla, Levi, B√ľrohund im Empfangsbereich

Head of Dogs &
Zen Master

Mudi-Mischling, Vicky, B√ľrohund, mit kariertem Halstuch

Senior Facility Manager &
Security Officer

Magyar Vizsla, Carlos, B√ľrohund im Empfang

Trainee Chaos Creator &
Playground Management


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