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Becoming self-employed in times when everything is vague and uncertain means not only a lot of courage, but also a great vision and an even greater dose of optimism. Verena Kammerer had all these things in her luggage when she decided to open a new gastronomy business in the building of the Alte Schule Dettingen at the beginning of 2021.

When we met, she had the vision of a café in her head and a lease for space within the former Uhland School in her hand - she didn't know what the café would look like - but we did!

Innengestaltung Cafe, Sitzbereich mit Bambussesseln und Tisch vor beleuchtetem Regal, weihnachtlich dekoriert

The result of this strong collaboration can be visited in the new Uhland Center since November 2021. We are pleased with Verena to have created a very special place, which in any case represents a great added value for Dettingen and the region. Here's to a large coffee with oat milk!

Innengestaltung, Cafe, Thekenbereich, Kühlschrank und Kaffeemaschine
Innengestaltung Cafe, Gesamtansicht, Laube, Sitzbereiche, beleuchtetes Logo


From the concept for the interior design to the furniture design and the complete CI including a meaningful logo, we breathed life into the project within a very short time. Taking into account some conditions of the historic building and prerequisites of the tenant as well as the discussion of the materials and samples to be used, it went directly into production.

Innengestaltung Cafe, Bambussessel und Tisch an Fenster, warme Beleuchtung, weihnachtlich dekoriert

A short time later, we were able to personally assemble the fruits of this design achievement in the café: from the cleanly designed counter and bar area to the modernly designed tables and benches to the inviting, cozy arbor, which forms a small highlight in the café concept and invites guests to linger in comfort. Up to 50 guests can be seated in the attractively designed space. The interior is precisely adapted to the space, extremely modern and with a fresh, relaxed color concept.

Part of the CI concept is also the expressive logo, which, among other things, indicates in the outdoor area what visitors can expect inside: varied breakfast, healthy lunch, homemade cakes and favorite wines.


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