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Exhibits for the "Magical Garage II
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An inspiring place that provides creative input and output in equal measure, promotes art, content and digitality, and is not only absolutely Instagrammable for its visitors through temporary campaigns and installations, but also always exciting and worth a visit: Studio Odeonsplatz in Munich.

The Stuttgart-based agency for brand & retail marketing is largely responsible for the development of the constantly changing campaigns at Studio Odeonsplatz LIGANOVA.

As experts in the interaction of people, brands and products in physically and digitally seamlessly networked spaces, they repeatedly create installations that absolutely reflect the spirit of the times and take the customer experience in stores to a whole new level. For example, with the "Magical Garage II" campaign.

Im Auftrag von LIGANOVA für das Studio Odeonsplatz
Commissioned by LIGANOVA for Studio Odeonsplatz
Commissioned by LIGANOVA for Studio Odeonsplatz

Welcome to the
Magical Garage (II)

Instead of dusty gray surroundings and oil-smeared rags, visitors can expect a breathtaking setting with a magical atmosphere that appeals to all the senses - literally.

We too were immediately enchanted when LIGANOVA commissioned us to produce some of the exhibits on display on behalf of Studio Odeonsplatz.

We were allowed to contribute to the scenery both the friendly screenbots that assist visitors in the Magical Garage (II) with words and deeds as well as the walk-in sound boxes or the imposing scent dispenser that dusts the studio with a beguiling (and visualized by smoke) fragrance at regular intervals. 

We were particularly enthusiastic about the Drive Pilot: in addition to the sheathing, we were also able to contribute the corresponding automatic system for this exhibit, which starts the driving simulation by inserting a coin.

Commissioned by LIGANOVA for Studio Odeonsplatz

Thank you LIGANOVA for letting us create something magical with you on behalf of Studio Odeonsplatz. Or as Queen once sang:

"One dream, one soul
One prize, one goal
One golden glance
of what should be

It's a kind of magic
(Magic magic magic (magic)"


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