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Together with whitepaper we designed an Xmas Box that stands in the middle of the atrium of the headquarters. The goal was to literally give a gift to the employees in time for the start of the Christmas season and to create a place that integrates Christmas contemplation into the daily work routine. During the pre-Christmas period, the box is a spot for workshops, short coffee breaks and apero-Xmas drinks.

Photocredit: HUGO BOSS AG

The outdoor area of the XMAS box invites you to take a seat on the cozy lounge chairs. The light snowfall, which is played out over the existing 3.5-metre-high screens of the Hugo Boss AG atrium, creates the perfect networking area together with the 3-metre-high fir trees and the fluffy carpet.

At the bar inside the box, special coffee specialties are conjured up every day in addition to the Christmas aperitif after-work drinks and bookable barista workshops.

Photocredit: HUGO BOSS AG


The 40m² XMAS pop-up box is a Christmas highlight from the inside and outside. Literally.
During conception and implementation, the themes of regionality & sustainability were on par with the perfect Christmas spirit. Organic fir trees from the Swabian Alb, cuddly sheepskins from Metzingen & soft pillows from a small start up from Pfullingen provide a feel-good ambience in the reusable Xmas box.
Organic interwoven willow canes contrasting with shiny and matte Christmas baubles form one of the centerpieces of the box. In combination with other enchanting handicrafts from the chamber of wonderssmall Christmas spots were created throughout the D19 building of HUGO BOSS AG.
Visually, the central box is complemented with a large golden bow, which evokes glitter in the eyes of onlookers from each floor of the headquarters.

A special highlight is the Instagrammable Room, which with its more than 2,000 Christmas baubles is the ideal background for team photos and selfies.

The positive and Christmassy mood that has already arisen during the creation and assembly of the Xmas Pop Up Box is supported by the great feedback of the employees and visitors. Every selfie posted in the Instagrammable room makes us really proud & happy.

HOHOHO - we are curious what surprises the box still holds.


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