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Do you actually know Rottendorf? No? The town is located in Lower Franconia, but is known beyond the region for its specialty store for work and functional clothing. You might know the place if you work in the fire department, rescue service or industry. But what you really should know is that the 112 Store in Rottendorf has now opened with a terrific store concept.

For the company, which deals with the distribution of products in the areas of fire fighting, rescue services and industrial supplies, we were allowed to take over the complete shopfitting and bring the new store to life.

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Industrial Retail Design

Many cooks spoil the broth: Based on the rough concept from DK Projects for the room layout and furniture, we created technical drawings & prototypes in close coordination in preparation for production.

Suitable for individual brands such as HAIX the guiding element of the store is the so-called "mesh". This material forms the basis for every form of presentation within the store. 

In combination with the mesh elements, the on-site columns create individual themed areas. Supported by large-scale, illuminated images on the walls, the customer is thus optimally guided through the store. 

In addition to industry-appropriate workwear, the store offers two very special themed areas. Various tools for fire protection and emergency response are displayed on a prepared car.

Those who like it individual on the job can let off steam in the theme area of customizable clothing. Here, customers can choose from countless colors and cuts of work shirts that are just waiting to be embellished with initials.

In addition to its exclusive brand and product selection, the store's visual appeal lies in its attention to detail. For example, the suspensions of the free-floating tables and the upholstery of the wardrobe stools are made of real fire hoses with 112 Store imprint. 

In the multifunctional lounge area, a kitchen with an integrated counter offers employees enough space to relax, while there is also plenty of room for consulting sessions at the large table.



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