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When Gabi Windisch and Nadine Lux take the solution to a small problem into their own hands in 2009, they may not (yet) be aware of where it will all lead a decade later.

What started as a colorful sports collection for kids in all in-between sizes, has over the years become an established (and globally available) brand offering sustainable and fairly produced team outfits in custom sizes and cuts and every color imaginable. 

This is how the two founders became real pioneers in the field of diversity, a topic that is very present in the fashion world today - and have been demonstrating this since summer 2022 with their own store in the middle of Augsburg's Rathausplatz.

It's a perfect match!

The shopfitting for SK SPORTKIND was a challenge that we were only too happy to accept. 

Taking into account some constructional constraints and in close coordination with Gabi and Nadine, we developed a concept for the landmarked premises that does justice to the brand philosophy and can depict the infinite variety of colors and models of the outfits in a small (and quite angular) space. 

The result is a store that is second to none and a real eye-catcher (and a small highlight in the city of Augsburg) on the central town hall square!

Sporty & Posh
Spice up your life!
(Wait, Shop)

We love the Sportkind philosophy of producing slow instead of fast fashion and high quality instead of throwaway fashion - after all, sustainability and durable materials play an important role in our everyday work. 

Therefore, it was obvious for us to do sustainable shopfitting and still give the store an extraordinary and at the same time clean, noble design.

In addition to furniture made of wood, we have mainly used metal in the form of coarse mesh. In combination with round shapes and a clean white tone, the design in this way reflects the sportiness of the brand.

Athletic mannequins in chic gray, high-quality tone-on-tone hangers and mirrored cabinets (which at the same time visually enlarge the space) give the store an international and extremely attractive look, making it the perfect presentation space for the wide range of colors, sizes and cuts of SPORTKIND outfits in an appealing way.

Another highlight is the alcove corner with rainbow wall.

We are happy that we were allowed to be part of this great project and that with our help a new sight in Augsburg could come into being 😉.

Or to put it another way (and with a little recommendation to pay the team at SPORTKIND a visit):

Realize(d) a dream - Color up your team


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