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Freight bikes are all the rage right now - whether for the family, the dog or the business, the spacious bikes make everyday life easier in many ways. To ensure that it remains safe, reliable brakes are a particularly important part of the all-rounder.

The founders of Fahrwerker set out to do just that: design and manufacture safe, high-quality cargo bike brakes for everyday use.

In order to make the product better known throughout Germany, the Fahrwerker team took part in various trade fairs. However, in order to be able to present a complex, technical product in an uncomplicated way, it is of course necessary to have a meaningful and functional trade fair display. And at this point we took up the drive.

Messedisplay für Fahrwerker, Modell der Lastenradbremse in Detailansicht
Messedisplay für Lastenradbremse von Fahrwerker, Material-Mix Holz, Kunststoff & Metall, Bremse inklusive technischer Informationen


Two aspects were particularly important for our functional and display sample for the trade show presentations. On the one hand, the display should provide enough space to explain the brake technically. Secondly, the function of the product was to be demonstrated.

We solved these requirements with a two-part trade show display design. On one side, the display offers the necessary space for clear, informative communication of the brand and technical information (in form and color) through a simple, straight design. The other side of the display, in turn, can be used to haptically demonstrate a brake.

Due to the integrated cargo bike brake, the display had to be made of particularly robust and stable materials in order to maintain stability at all times. We were able to solve these requirements by using a sturdy pedestal base plate and a material mix of wood and metal.

In order to be able to point out new products or changes at short notice, all printed areas of the display were designed variably.

Messedisplay für Lastenradbremse von Fahrwerker, Material-Mix Holz, Kunststoff & Metall, inklusive technischer Informationen


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