Refill machine WITHOUTme
Wood & Metal
Design - Production 

The fact that sustainability can be integrated extremely stylishly into everyday life is proven by WITHOUTme with a particularly elegant alternative to conventional plastic products that perfectly combines reusability, design and environmental protection.

The creative mind behind the brand, Stefanie Rainer, has developed a real shampoo reuse system in the process: Customers can buy the herbal shampoo produced in the Black Forest in attractively designed stainless steel bottles and refill them in selected Edeka stores in the WITHOUTme refill machine. Thus, not only the packaging of the hair care product is plastic-free and environmentally friendly, but also the entire purchasing process.

without me -
but with future

Stefanie's Refill Concept immediately excited us - because the topics of sustainability and environmental protection are also particularly close to our hearts. And so it was a matter of course for us that we would use only durable materials for the make over of the first filling station.

The result is a self-service machine made of directly printed wood with an integrated touch screen and lighting elements, which informs the customer about the product and the refill process in an appealing way, is particularly hygienic and, above all, very stylish. After all, sustainability does not exclude style and attractive design.

Following the deployment of an initial prototype near Heilbronn, further vending machines are now being used in Germany.