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LOOVARA Intimate now offers over 100 different products on the subject of sexual wellbeing and intimate care for all preferences. And in order to be on the safe side when it comes to presenting its products in retail, the brand has once again opted for Future Supply.

Safe (C/D)A one night stand

In order to present a small selection of Sexual Wellbeing products in selected EDEKA stores, we developed a POS display made of cardboard that shows the colorful variety of condoms and co on 2 floors. Header as well as body offer enough space for information and by the deliberately chosen simple design the attention of the customers is directly directed to the products.

So fresh & so clean

So that the international market (below) also gets a breath of fresh air, we have extended the two-part POS display by three shelves. On a total of 5 shelves, the display thus offers enough space for hygiene wash lotion, wet wipes and menstrual cups from the house of LOOVARA. 

Like its "little" brother with two tiers, the extended display is also made of lightweight but sturdy cardboard, which makes it extremely easy to set up and also reload, and its clean design definitely catches the eye.

We were very happy about both projects and are excited to see what further adventures we will experience with LOOVARA. Until then, we continue to recommend:



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