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LOOVARA has been revolutionizing the market for intimate products since the end of 2016 - started as a 2 man show, the Berlin-based company now offers more than 100 different sexual wellbeing and intimate care products for all preferences.

However, the brand has not only set itself the goal of awakening lubricants and intimate care products from their prudish German slumber, but also of conquering those areas in stationary retail that were previously reserved exclusively for "big players" in the beauty industry (such as Maybelline, Essie and Co ). And our joint collaboration has made this plan a success: We have brought intimate care products out of the taboo and directly and strikingly into the counter streets of the Edeka drugstore area.

Whereas the counter lines in stationary retail have so far been rather rigid, every centimeter is fiercely contested and there is literally hardly any room for innovation, with the inclusion of LOOVARA products Edeka has really dared to do something compared to the competition and has integrated the "niche topic", which has so far been treated so stepmotherly, into the store area in an eye-catching way.

Thekendisplay LOOVARA, beleuchteter Header mit Claim, integriert zwischen anderen Marken in Drogerie
Thekendisplay LOOVARA, beleuchteter Header mit Claim "Liebt euch doch wie ihr wollt" in Detailansicht


To present the products attractively and in line with the brand philosophy, we decided on a display with a particularly fresh and young design. Important in the choice of materials was both LOOVARA and us the aspect of sustainability. All products are manufactured sustainably and without microplastics and only the highest quality materials are used - therefore, the presentation form of the range should also be designed as durable and sustainable as possible.

Thekendisplay LOOVARA, integriert zwischen anderen Beauty Marken in Drogerie

The result is an eye-catching, light-colored wooden carcass with multiple tiers/shelves that perfectly showcase the different sized products. In addition, the display features flexible scanner rails/panels? that can be adjusted to accommodate different package sizes and weights, and can be interchanged at any time. Illuminated sides and luminated headers make the counter a real eye-catcher within the counter lane.

We are pleased that after the creation of a prototype, which is currently testing in the markets, will soon go into mass production!

Love each other however you want - we love you in any case, LOOVARA!


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