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With "Vatos Locos" the SNUs BROTHERS, internationally known manufacturers of nicotine pouches (or also called "Pouches") in the highest quality, have now launched a new own brand, which has it really in itself!

In order to stand out visually in the extensive Swedish market for tobacco pouches, we came up with a sharp design and a hot sales presentation.

Crazy, those brothers!

In order to show customers directly with the packaging design what they can expect with "VATOS LOCOS", we decided on the modern interpretation of a Mexican classic: the Sugar Skull. In line with the traditional masking for the "dia de los muertos", it not only shows the typical ornaments on the forehead but also a strong cohesion in the trio that flows into each other on the cans. The 5 different varieties are represented in addition to their individual names also distinguishable by color.


In order to present the pouches according to their crazy packaging with enough space for all relevant information about the new launch, we decided to use a combination of metal and plastic for the display. 

The rat-sharp POS display is an official tower that offers a clear view of the product variety through transparent shelves. This allows all 5 varieties to be well presented and visually appealing. The choice of material also ensures that the display is particularly durable and can be restocked as often as desired without damage.

In order to be able to see the different strength grades of the pouches at a glance, bullets from 1 to 5 sleeves mounted frontally on the display show the customer the way to his happiness.

We are already curious when the crazy brother will enter the German market!



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