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"Salty Blueberry" - who's mouth doesn't water at this term? Whoever thinks of juicy baked goods or filled chocolate is unfortunately wrong. The interesting flavor belongs to one of 7 new tobacco pouches varieties that are currently conquering the Swedish market under the name "FUMI". 

Thus, the SNUs BROTHERS offer, in addition to the crazy "VATOS LOCOS" another own brand for friends of tobacco-free enjoyment. And we were once again able to show what we are capable of in the area of sales presentation.

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To attractively showcase the new brand, we developed a graphic "Fumi-Verse" that prominently features all 7 varieties.

In combination with transparent shelves, this gives the end consumer an optimal overview of the extremely thin pouches in different flavors and strength levels. 

In addition, the marketing display is extremely durable, robust and easy to refill. 

Now only one question remains open in the Fumi-Verse: Blueberry, raspberry, lime, mint or co?


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