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Blue Farm Messestand und Display by Future Supply

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Blue Farm Messestand und Display by Future Supply
Blue Farm Messestand und Display by Future Supply

More and more people are replacing animal products with plant-based milk alternatives and are constantly on the lookout for new options. Blue Farm offers one of the most innovative and sustainable foods currently available on the market with its oat milk powder. 

In addition to the healthy alternative to cow's milk, Blue Farm also offers particularly sustainable packaging:

So you can enjoy oat milk with a clear conscience AND reduce packaging waste compared to conventional tetra packs. With Blue Farm, you can easily mix healthy, sustainable oat milk using powder and tap water.

Blue Farm Messestand und Display by Future Supply


The farmers from Berlin were exhibitors at the international Greentec trade fair this year - we were allowed to design, develop and produce their trade fair stand together with them. The main requirement for the booth was speed. When we had our first meeting, it was still 4 weeks until the construction of the Greentec fair.

As it is an exhibition stand, the entire Rollable Farmer Stand and the separate display stand are made of certified classified wood as well as B1 fabric. The second element is a visually matching stand, also made of wood. Here, products and decorative elements can be placed as desired.

The stand consists of two separately usable parts. The main element is a wheeled farm stand, which is based on the Blue Farm logo and, in addition to sufficient storage space, provides a hygienic and safe working as well as exhibition area.
Sales classics or novelties can be presented on a small, front-mounted shelf. To the side of the small shelf is a blue railing on which merchandise material such as jute bags etc. can be presented. The farmer look is rounded off by small metal elements, some of which shine in Blue Farm blue, and a bright blue fabric roof that perfectly protects people and products from the weather.

A special highlight of this element is the semi-transparent Blue Farm house. In combination with the blue roof of the farm stand, the small farm house is an absolute guarantee that the Blue Farm stand can be discovered even from afar.

Another highlight of the display is its format: it was deliberately chosen so that it can be easily placed in the storage space of the farm stand. For this purpose, only the base must be separated from the shelf surface. Then both can be conveniently stowed and transported.

The Greentec Fair 2021 was probably one of the first fairs after Corona and a pioneer in terms of innovative exhibitors. Thank you very much for your trust, dear Blue Farm team. We believe your products and your philosophy are a great contribution to a more sustainable world.


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