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Akermann Optik became Schneller & Katicic at the end of 2021. In order to show that something is also changing in the premises, the renewal of the store interior was on the agenda in addition to a new logo. We were allowed to join Future Supply in the creative store concept and adapted our design to the new, bold logo.

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We complemented the dominant yellow of the logo with our predominantly blue concept. The unique ceiling lights from the 1960s were integrated into the store concept and expanded with modern ceiling spotlights. Since the existing gray tiles did not offer good room acoustics, we opted for an acoustically effective, robust, dark blue carpet. Customer conversations can now be held in a pleasant atmosphere.
Full-length mirrors at the end of the tube-like space were relocated to the entryway. They made way for a 3-meter-by-3-meter backlit image - directly behind the new carpeted checkout counter. A very special motif is now the eye-catcher of the store interior. It unites old and new owners of the store, thus combining tradition and a breath of fresh air. Yellow shelves in the large wall of glasses highlight special offers and highlights. Organically shaped mirrors, illuminated shelves in the entrance area and simple, dark blue metal shelves round off the new store design.


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