Our offers for your
Marketing displays -
Full Service or Modular

Whether start-up or established brand - together we develop a marketing display tailored exactly to your needs. From POS displays to pallet displays to counter displays or pedestals - we will find the optimal solution combining design and functionality. From a variety of possible materials, we select exactly those that bring out the best in your product and ensure the longest possible durability and flexibility in design.

At your request, we will start at any point within your project. This gives you the freedom to decide where we can support you.

We give you the security that budget and schedule can be kept in any case. Here you can see an overview of all possible modules:

Module 01

Design and development

  • We design a display tailored to you
  • Take into account all common sizes, heights and depths
  • We show you what is possible, but always respect your budget.
  • You are individual and special. Therefore, already in the design phase we think about which Material best fits your brand and philosophy

Module 02

Technical construction

You can be sure what we build holds. Already during the construction we take into account that later a particularly environmentally friendly transport is possible.

Module 03


Timing is everything. We do everything we can to make extremely sporty timings possible. Tight timing does not mean that quality suffers. We see all projects through your eyes so that we can deliver a perfect result.

Point of Sale Display, Grafik für unterschiedliche Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten


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