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After festival lovers had to do without the beloved mixture of sick live acts, wild dance excesses and crude camping romance in the past years, it is finally back this year: the crazy festival season.

And even if the energy accumulated over months can now be explosively discharged, the festival visitor needs a little break in between to replenish the reserves. And let's be honest, what better way to do that than with SCOOPER Energy? 

#Scoopergang on tour

To provide the festival summer with enough energy, the SCOOPER gang has therefore come up with something very special: a gaudy event location, which in the form of a discarded container makes a stop at many (large) festivals and provides visitors with their pouches.

Since Crewlove is just the only Truelove, we were also brought on board to design and produce a cool reception area and perfect lighting for the festival tour container.

In order to be as robust as possible but also practical, we have chosen two counters made of solid wood corps for the merchandise area, which were covered with metal in container optics. The result is representative furniture that is urban & edgy in look and extra mobile in use thanks to its castors. For the optimal long-distance effect, we installed neon tubes on the back and sides, which put the container in the right light.

Here's to a great festival season and the best energy kick ever!


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