Cafe - Alte Schule Dettingen

NEW CAFE IN HISTORIC BUILDING COMPLEX CAFE AND WINE BAR Shopfitting Old School Dettingen & CI DevelopmentWood & MetalDesign - Development - Production Becoming self-employed in times when everything is vague and uncertain means not only a lot of courage, but also a great vision and an even greater portion of optimism. Verena Kammerer had all of these things in [...]

Trade show display - Fahrwerker

POWERFUL DESIGN FOR THE FUTURE OF LOAD BICYCLE BRAKES FAHR WERKER trade fair display material mix wood, plastic & metalDesign - Development - Production Load bikes are very much in vogue right now - whether for the family, the dog or the business, the spacious wheels make everyday life easier in many ways. To ensure that it remains safe, reliable brakes [...]

Counter - Loovara

IN YOUR FACE - COMES WELL IN THE THEKENSTRASSE LOOVARA INTIMATE counter in the cosmetic streetWood, plastic, lightDesign - development - production LOOVARA revolutionizes the market for intimate products since the end of 2016 - started as a 2 man show, the Berlin-based company now offers more than 100 different products around the topic of sexual wellbeing and intimate care [...]

Presentation of goods - Scooper Energy

ENERGY KICK AT THE POINT OF SALE SCOOPER ENERGY sales displays SCOOPER EnergyPlastic & cardboardDesign - Development - Production SCOOPER launches a revolutionary alternative to coffee, energy drinks and co. with small pouches in different flavors. Unlike the classic energy products, the so-called "Scoopers" do not unfold their true effect by sucking, chewing or swallowing [...]

Exhibition stand and display - Blue Farm

IN RECORD TIME TO TRADE FAIR STAND BLUE FARM Trade Fair Stand & DisplayWood, Fabric, MetalDesign - Development - Production More and more people are replacing animal products with plant-based dairy alternatives, constantly looking for new options. Blue Farm offers one of the most innovative and sustainable foods currently on the market with its oat milk powders. [...]